Friday, October 26, 2012

Shawnee is Number 1

Contrary to popular belief, and the mindless comments of certain council members, I am thrilled when Shawnee does something that leads other local cities.

I know our city manger loves to compare Shawnee to other cities.  Well here is a comparison, that shows we are number the number of folks going to Boston for the National League of Cities event 11/28-12/1/12 (see my post immediately below this one).

Shawnee     8

Lenexa       6  

Olathe       5

Overland Park    2

Merriam     2

Mission     1

Congratulations, for being willing to waste taxpayer's money.  Some of those going had voiced objections (money) to going back to detailed meeting minutes.  And yet, they can be willing to spend money on something like this.  And some, who finally voted to give us back our detailed minutes still made snotty comments about the city spending the money.

Based on previous expense reports that I obtained, I'm going to guesstimate that this little soirĂ©e will run between $16K-$18K.  I'm also going to guesstimate that Mickey "Traveling Man" Sandifer spends the most.

The two good things are that Councilmembers Pflumm and Distler are more concerned about saving the taxpayers' money and are not going.  But the hearty.

Sidebar:  I wonder how many are going to hang around Boston after the convention for an extended vacation.  Kind of like how Kuhn stayed extra days in Vegas.................