Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More On The Boston Boondoggle

Yesterday I posted info about the number of individuals the city sent to the National League of Cities recent conference in Boston.

Keep in mind that two members of the council did NOT participate in this extravegant behavior (Dan Pflumm and Michelle Distler).

Anyway, as mentioned, 4 people instead of 8 would have been sufficient, and would have saved the city over $7,000.  Another method, to save money, is to have folks that do go to double up in the rooms.  At approximately $270 per night/per room that adds up.

But, people can't double up if some bring guests on the trip.

Who brought guests on this trip?

Mayor Meyers
Councilmember Willoughby (the mayor's uncle by marriage and appointed not elected councilmember)
Councilmember Neighbor
Councilmember Kuhn

Must be nice..............................