Thursday, January 10, 2013

Will This Benefit Us?

What am I talking about?  Aha, maybe I should let you think about it for a minute.

Nahhhhh, I'll tell you.  It has been announced that the 2013 Major League Soccer All Star game will be played at Livestrong Park.  That truly is good news.

Now, how will that affect Shawnee?  In the past, on many occasions I have asked that question regarding races, concerts, and other special events held at the Village Wesr Complex in KCK.  Will we get an appreciable "bleed off" from this event?  Well, we still have only two hotels on the I435 corridor.  The proposed Holiday Inn is still a blank spot.  Some of the restaurants might see an uptick in business.  Especially if residents wind up with out of town friends/relatves staying with them.

But, we still do not have anything resembling a destination venue to attract the folks who will be going to that game.And, some will probably be arriving a few days early and maybe staying a day or two extra.

Another event gone to waste.............for us.