Monday, May 20, 2013

Letters, They Get Letters (and don't respond)

A copy of a letter I sent to the governing body on 4/9/13

Please pay attention to the part where I ask for verification of Dawn Kuhn's statement.  To date, I have not received any such verification.  Nobody has produced any verification that I had been given that answer for "six years".  Well, that leads me to believe that:
a.  Kuhn is so arrogant that she feels she doesn't need to respond
b.  No such documentation exists which means Kuhn was telling a fairy tale (lying)

Also, she said that 3 lawyers told her it could be a HIPPA violation.  Geeee, I spoke to lawyers also, and they say only med professionals who release info without authorization are guilty of HIPPA violations.  Only problem is that Kuhn's comments are on the record.

What else has she not been forthcoming about?  Gee, she has never explained why she gets her city pay check as "White" and her city expense checks as "Kuhn".  Strange.

I even wonder if her current address is valid.  After her divorce she relocated to another address in Ward 3.  Or did she?  Is it possible that she is pulling a Phill Kline?  Is that address just a "mail drop" (which unfortunately would still be legal) but that she is domiciled elsewhere?  Outside of Ward 3?

Governing Body

As you may recall approximately two weeks ago I addressed council and inquired to have Mr Willoughby provide the law that said sharing rooms was illegal.

At that point Ms Kuhn immediately started one of her excessively verbose commentaries with regards to HIPPA, potential lawsuits, etc.  What I found intriguing was that Ms Kuhn stated that was the same answer that had been provided to me every year for six years when I brought up the subject

Can Ms Kuhn or anyone produce documentation (city minutes or audio) that what she says is accurate? That I had been given that answer in the past?  The usual response has been a  perfunctory “thank you for coming up”.  I sincerely question the veracity of her statement.  It is interesting to note that Mr Willoughby admitted he should not have used the term illegal.

That now brings up another item.  Ms Kuhn’s attempt to have me cut off after her speech.  Because I appeared to be asking a question?

 First, when a member of the public comes up to speak they are going to either make a statement or ask a question.  Granted, the answer may not be readily available, and may take some time to gather, but a question from the public is normal.  Second, when a member of the council engages in a long winded commentary doesn’t a member of the community have the right to respond?  Or are we attempting to cut off the public?

A few weeks ago during a meeting one individual got up and after five minutes Ms Kuhn mentioned to the mayor the time limit.  Ironically the next speaker (Mr. Chipman) spoke for over 20 minutes and at no time did Ms Kuhn attempt to advise the mayor of the time limit.  Selective permissions?

Does Shawnee really want to have its openness challenged?  And that can be done very easily.  Ms Kuhn was concerned about lawsuits regarding HIPPA.  What about actions regarding the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution and Section 3 of the Bill of Rights of the Kansas Constitution?

The mayor has publicly stated that some people ask too many questions.  Maybe the problem is that not enough citizens ask more questions