Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Fireworks or Spinworks

The more I think about the city manager wanting to hire a full time public information officer, the more I wonder why.

Shawnee is a city of approximately 62,000 folks.  The city staff has a city manager, a deputy city manager (recently promoted from assistant city manager) and an assistant to the city manager.  Heck, which one of them has been putting the publicity stuff up on the city's web site?  And what about the emails that go out to the listserv addresses?  And the facebook and twitter stuff already?  And can't one of them handle verbal and or written communications with the local media?

Now, if the city has that kind of money, and who knows what the position is going to pay (plus benefits), I'd like to see us get our July 4th fireworks in Shawnee Mission Park back.

So, if you agree with me, email the council and the mayor by sending an email to   When you send an email there it goes to all 8 council members and the mayor.  Let them know that you'd rather have fireworks instead of spinworks.

Also, if you know of anybody else who might also like that idea, please pass this on to them.