Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jim Neighbor Claims Planning Commission is Unstable

At the recent city council meeting that saw the appointment of Alan Willoughby (the mayor's uncle by marriage) Councilmember Jim Neighbor, Ward I said that we had a young planning commission and that Willoughby would bring stability.  Needless to say, Neighbor was one of four who supported the nepotistic appointment of Willoughby.

Young?  Chronologically young?  Time of service young?  Is Mr. Neighbor saying that the planning commission is unstable?  Apparently so, if the appointment of Uncle Alan would bring stability to it.

So, let's look at the time of service dates of the members, not counting Willoughby:

Bogina        12/2002
Bienhoff       2/2005
Busby           8/2007
Schnefke      9/2009
Hageman      7/2011
Kenig            2/2012
Fiser             6/2012
Navarro        8/2012
Wiseman      8/2012
Sheahan       8/2013

Willoughby's 1st term on the commission was from 4/2010 - 7/2012.  Actual previous time would give him just two more months service than Commissioner Hageman.

What's wrong with that make up?  What kind of stability can Willoughby bring?  Was Neighbor referring to their actual ages?  Don't know and don't have that info.

I do remember there was a time, not too long ago when Councilmember Vaught made some negative comments about some who at that time had service on the council over 20 years.

So, what is the proper balance?  And if the planning commission is/was unstable maybe the mayor needed to ask for resignations.

I think Neighbor's comments were a bunch of nonsense.  Actually I think they were something else.

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