Friday, June 19, 2015

He Really Doesn't Get It - Part I

We witnessed a heck of a donnybrook at this past Monday's (6/15/15) council committee meeting during budget discussions. Not sure why our local newspaper, the Shawnee Dispatch hasn't reported on it. Since it did involve the budget.

First, it is important to explain Jeff (The Arrogant One) Vaught's use of the term "I just don't get it". Anyone who has attended many meetings has seen and heard him use that expression as a subtle put down directed towards other members of the council and even occasionally the public. He uses it when someone says something contrary to his beliefs, and he uses it as if to say his thoughts are more correct and he can't understand why the other person doesn't agree with him.

OK, so what happened? Councilmember Eric Jenkins submitted some suggestions regarding the budget and the organization of the city. Vaught jumped on that accusing Jenkins of "micro managing" and harping on the fact that we have a city manager form of government.

Apparently what Vaught doesn't get is what his responsibility is as a member of the council That is to set the tone, make suggestions and give guidance to staff. Apparently Vaught is one of those who has abrogated his responsibilities as a council member and become a shill, a puppet, for the city manager. The council is not supposed to be a rubber stamp for the city manager. The city manager is human, and sometimes others may have ideas and suggestions that can be beneficial. And that is what Jenkins was doing, giving suggestions.

Vaught does not understand the term "micro manage". To micro manage is when somebody on top goes down the line to control the working element. Jenkins did no such thing. As a matter of fact, Vaught was really showing his hypocrisy, in that in previous years when other council members said the budget needed to be cut he would ask them, "how?" Now, when someone tries to show how, he claims "micro manager". I really shouldn't toss out epithets, but Vaught is an idiot. And he wouldn't really know what management is since he's never really had to manage any kind of an organization. Methinks the citizens of Shawnee are finally waking up to what kind of an incompetant he really is, as witnessed by his being bounced out in the recent mayoral primary.

Then, the other puppet, Mickey (I Love Trips the City Pays For) Sandifer, joins in also accusing Jenkins of micro managing. Unfortunately Sandifer is lacking the intelligence to recognize a suggestion and positive input.

Now, if you don't believe me, go to the city's web site and listen to the audio of them meeting.

I will have more info on this in Part II tomorrow.

Sidebar: Still can't believe the Dispatch reported on the council remodeling but not what took place regarding the rest of the meeting. And alot went down. Is the Dispatch getting into that old mode of not reporting things that "make the city look bad"? That's OK, keep the citizens in the dark.