Monday, June 01, 2015

Vaught Again Proves He Is Lacking In Common Sense

Ya gotta love it.  At the council meeting last week that delayed any action on electric vehicle charging stations on city property Jeff Vaught again showed a lack of common sense.

This is what is appearing in the most recent article in the Shawnee Dispatch byJeff "The Arrogant One" Vaught:

Vaught was entirely in favor of installing the charging stations on city property because of the opportunities it opened up for the city to eventually purchase electric vehicles for staff.
"Do we want to be a froward-thinking city or the last ones on the block?" Vaught asked the council. "The reality is we could probably have electric vehicles in our fleet pretty quickly.
"Forward thinking starts right here, its starts with our government."

Electric vehicles in our fleet pretty quickly?  Who is he kidding?  Let's look at the department that uses the most sedans and small SUVs, the PD.  Do we want a fleet of vehicles in that department that only get 80 miles on a full charge?  That require eight hours to fully charge?  That would have to stop every couple of hours for an electric "top off", for what, an hour?  Now, with all of the electrical/electronic equipment in these vehicles (radar, computers, radios, etc) they would never last 80 miles on a full charge.  You are not going to see all electric vehicles in public works, parks or the FD anytime soon.  Those large vehicles would never make it. The only place that I can see electric vehicles would be maybe two or three for codes administration, and even then we would probably be better off with hybrids (let the gas part of the engine recharge the electrical system).  Then he has the temerity to put his fellow council members down for not being forward thinking.

In the same article, Stephanie Meyer is quoted as saying:

"If I have the option of charging while I go watch a movie or at City Hall, I know which one people would rather choose," said Council member Stephanie Meyer.

Now that is common sense.  Put the units in business areas so folks can shop and create dollar flow.
Maybe Vaught does need a lesson in economic development.

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