Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jenkins Gets It, Vaught and Sandifer Never Will

Apparently at this week's Council Committee meeting (7/7/15) there was some fur flying, again.

Some previously suggested budget changes/recommendations submitted by Eric Jenkins were reviewed.  And again, Jeff (The Arrogant One) Vaught accused Jenkins of micro managing the city manager and staff.  These sentiments were echoed by Mickey (The Parrot) Sandifer.

Apparently Vaught and Sandifer really don't understand what their jobs as council members are.  Providing suggestions and ideas to the city manager is part of the job.  Apparently both Vaught and Sandifer feel that the city manager should be left to her own devices and that the council should rubber stamp everything she does.  Wrong...............if that was the case we would have no need for a city council.

The last time I looked it appeared to me that the city manager was human.  As such, if she cut her wrists she would bleed blood not miniature spread sheets.  Nobody is 100% perfect.  As mentioned here many times in the past, we are fortunate to have in Shawnee individuals, both elected and members of the community with diverse backgrounds.  These individuals are highly capable of providing suggestions and recommendations for the city's operations.  Some will be good, some will not be good. But it shows people thinking.  I believe that is the message that our new mayor put out before the election about folks "thinking together", not thinking alike, but together, to come up with ideas.  Apparently Vaught and Sandifer want to abrogate their responsibilities and would give the city manager carte blanche to do anything she wants.  That is NOT what a city manager form of government is supposed to be.  Is it possible that Vaught's attitude is what caused him to not even advance past the primary in the last mayoral election?

It just becomes more obvious every week that Vaught, and Sandifer, have this need to perform osculatory functions upon the gluteus maximus of the city manager.

Sidebar:  It also appears that Vaught is taking over for former council member Dawn Kuhn as the motormouth of the council.  He just goes on and on and on.