Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mayor's Third Thursday Very Positive

This past Thursday saw Mayor Michelle Distler have her first “Thursday With the Mayor” coffee.  It is my understanding that approximately 25 people attended this event.

When queried about this event because it was a daytime meeting (9:00AM) the mayor said it was set up that way to make it easier for senior citizens who don’t attend evening meetings to be able to attend.  She indicated that there will be other meetings set up at differing times so that others could fit them into their schedules.  This is something that no other mayor has done, and should prove helpful in opening up lines of communication between the citizenry and city hall.  It was also mentioned that the mayor has been meeting with other groups to obtain first hand feedback on various items of interest.  What is nice is that this is being done now, not four years from now when the next election will be coming around.  So I’d guess it is not “an election year gimmick”.  More info on the future plans for these events can be found at this article on the Shawnee Dispatch web site

 Many times on this blog, and when speaking to the city council I have said that we are fortunate in Shawnee to have a population with diverse backgrounds, in education, business and life in general.  We as a city can benefit from these types of meetings to get differing viewpoints plugged in.  I can see future benefits for the city as a whole.