Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Electric Charging Stations - Walmart

As a reference point you might want to read my previous posts about when some folks wanted to put electric car charging stations on city property (city hall and the justice center) and have the city (read that as taxpayers) pay for the owners to charge their cars up.

A review of some recent building permits indicates that Wal Mart will be putting in electric chargers at two locations (74th & Nieman and SMP & Maurer).  This is really very positive, as folks needing to charge their cars will be able to spend time shopping.  Totally different from sitting at city hall or the justice center with nothing to do while waiting for a charge up.  It is unknown at this point as to who will be paying for the use of the charging stations, the vehicle owner or the merchant(s).  If current trends are any indication it will probably be the merchants.  But, for them, that would be good public relations/advertising. 

Fortunately the city is not stuck with these items, on city property, and paying for their use with taxpayer funds.  Even though his royal arrogance Jeff Vaught aided and abetted by Jim Neighbor were pushing for that outcome.  BTW, that item will come back up in about another six months.  Will keep you folks posted about that so we can do what needs to be done to stop that travesty from happening.