Monday, October 19, 2015

Vaught Fails to Respond Re: Dealer Plates

If you scroll down you will see my post of 10/9/15 regarding the use of dealer license plates by Jeff Vaught.

An email was sent to him asking about the plates since with dealer plates there are no property taxes paid.  To date, Vaught has not responded.

There are three possibilities:
1.  Vaught is using the plates contrary to state law and needs to change them.
2.  Vaught (or his spouse) have become owners in a car dealership which makes the use of the plates legal, provided the vehicle is carried in inventory and is available for sale.
3.  Vaught is working 20 hours or more per week as a car salesman and is authorized the use of the plates, similar to 2 above.  Has he had to make a career change from commercial real estate?

So, which is it?  One would think that as a council member Vaught would respond, especially since it involves property taxes.  But then, his arrogance probably is coming to the forefront in that he doesn't feel he has to answer to citizen inquiries.  That arrogance probably was a contributing factor to his not advancing past the last mayoral primary election.

When will the local media start inquiring and demanding specific answers?

The original post can be viewed here.