Friday, November 20, 2015

We Are Behind in Donations for the Mayor's Christmas Tree Fund

We are running behind last year's donations:

As of today there is $11,484.99 collected.  Last year a total of  $21,683.58 was collected.  This is a very worthy cause and it is sincerely hoped that Shawnee will respond.

Time is rapidly coming to the end of when donations can be made for this year's Mayor's Christmas Tree Fund.  December 5th is the date that the funds will be given to this year's selected charity, Shawnee Community Services  This is a local community food pantry.

More information about the fund can be found here

What is nice is that donations can start at just $5 by clicking here and can go up to $2,500 by clicking here.

The people of Shawnee have always shown a willingness to help others in the community.  Please do so this time.