Monday, January 25, 2016

Vantage Apartment Project Causes Dissension Part II

Got to thinking this morning about my post from last night.

Was curious about something?  It's about those homeowners who have stereotyped apartment residents as not having a stake in Shawnee.

Do they consider city staff that live in apartments as not having a stake in Shawnee?  You know, cops, firefighters, EMS who might someday have to save their lives, and/or protect their property.  Or what about public works folks that keep the roads functional, plow them during snow storms, maintain the sewer system?  Let's not forget parks employees who go out to make sure that these folks have well maintained and equipped parks for their kids and grandkids to play in.  The list goes on.

Then again these folks are really a class act.  Like the individual who mouthed obscenities at members of the governing body at the last meeting, or threatened them with physical violence.  Or who shouted down folks who spoke who disagreed with them.