Monday, February 08, 2016

Vantage Apartment Project Causes Dissension - Part III

Here is some interesting information for folks to consider.

Remember that because of the protest petitions it would have taken a super majority of the council to approve the project, which never happened.

Now let's talk about those protest petitions.  It is not the number of people who signed, it is the  amount of land that they own that is important for a protest petition.  To be valid the protest petition has to be signed by owners that have 20% of the land that is within a 200 foot buffer of the proposed area to be rezoned, excepting rights of way, public streets and roadways.

The area within the 200 foot of the buffer zone is 1,016,419 square feet and the petitions with signatures encompassed 276,032 square feet or 27.15% of the protest area.

Now, here is how the ownership breaks down:

22 individuals signed the petitions that met the requirements

17 of those people are registered to vote at the addresses on the petitions.....the other 5 may either not be registered or they may be registered at another location and possibly rent out those properties

9 of those folks voted in the last city election (April 2015)

4 of those folks voted in the mayoral primary election (March 2015)

Those are the numbers.  Interpret them as you wish.

An interesting side note is something that happened last Monday night at the council committee meeting.   There was an item on the agenda concerning fencing around swimming pools and a new style of pool covers.  Anyway, safety of young children was an important part of the discussion.  Guess what?  I didn't see one person from the Vantage protest group at that meeting.  Actually, how many council meetings do they attend?   Anyway, it was an apartment resident who presented the info to the committee about the high number of unattended children's deaths at swimming pools.  The info is available from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).  I guess those folks don't really care about the safety of young children?