Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Legal Fees are Starting

Here we go.  The legal fees for the city to defend itself in the Qrivit action are starting to come in.  this is regarding the Vantage at Shawnee project.

So, from Mar 3, 2016 to Apr 5, 2016 the legal fees are $3,316.50.  These are just to get the ball rolling in the city's defense of the lawsuit.  I'll take a guess and say that by the time it is over it will cost the city between $75,000 - $100,000.

And that does not include the time that city staff will have to spend researching and obtaining documents as the lawyers tell them what is needed.

Curious, do ya think the 22 folks that were responsible for this situation should chip in and help pay for this?  Especially the loud mouthed fool that threatened the mayor with bodily harm!!!!

Stay tuned.  We will be filing KORA requests periodically to get updates on the amount of money spent for the legal fees.