Thursday, April 21, 2016

Blast From the Past - 7/30/14

Some folks might find this interesting, for various reasons. There are two points I wish to make today, and they are related.

First, back on July 30, 2014 I posted and item "Did Vaught aMake Up Numbers?"  click here  What that post had to do with, was that at a council meeting when discussing the proposed sales tax for street improvements Jeff "The Arrogant One" Vaught stated that 40% of the city's sales tax revenue came from non-residents. If true that would be great. So, I sent him an email asking him to provide verification of that statement. Naturally, his royal arrogance felt he did not have to reply. So, I submitted a Kansas Open Records Request to the city for any documents that would confirm that. The city came back and said they did not have any records that could either confirm or deny that information. Interesting, eh?

Unfortunately, Vaught's statement made it to the local media and it was taken as gospel truth.

Here is part two. Knowing that the city did not have documents that would confirm or deny Vaught's statement why didn't the city manager correct Vaught at the meeting? Now, over the years I have heard her correct other council members when they made factually incorrect statements. What was different this time? Was it a purposeful omission on her part because of a desire to get the tax approved and a little truth stretching wouldn't hurt? Where did Vaught get that figure from? Was he fed it from a source that also cannot provide verification?

Just something to think about.