Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Crime Doesn't Pay........Especially In Shawnee

It's been all over the local media and is even out there on various national web sites.

Quick recap:  This past Sunday a bad guy attacked a woman in a Wal Mart parking lot while she was placing her baby in a car seat.  A good samaritan, hearing her screams went to her rescue.  Bad guy number one shot the good samaritan.  (He is currently recovering after surgery).  Good samaritan number two shot at bad guy number one.  Bad guy number one will not recover.  Bad guy number two ran from the scene. 

Today, two days after the event, the Shawnee PD effected an arrest of the suspected bad guy two and he has been charged in JoCo with various felonies.

What is the point I am trying to make?  Crime will not be tolerated in Shawnee.  People will come to the aid of other people.  And, our PD will be very diligent in pursuing and locating perpetrators.  A quick resolution of these types of cases is very important while the evidence and witness accounts are fresh. 

Congrats to the PD for their handling of this matter.  And a prayer for the good samaritan (a veteran of the conflict in Iraq/Afghanistan) for a full, speedy recovery.