Friday, September 09, 2016

Colin Kaepernick Is A Jerk

I posted the below item on 8/30/16 on another blog that I have.  It's not about Shawnee, but it's about our country.

And for those who don’t like the title of this post, too bad.  I’m exercising my First Amendment rights.
OK, in this country the pampered, overpaid “role model” (as he describes himself) has a right to sit down during the playing of our national anthem.
But, has he ever attempted to figure out how he got that right?  I doubt it.  Let’s make this fairly short and sweet.  He has that right because over the centuries millions of men and women have fought for those rights, and many of them paid the ultimate price.  Our country is not perfect.  We know that.  But, it sure is a lot better than many (most) others.  Let’s see this pampered athlete get a 12 year $114 million dollar contract some place else.  Better yet, let him relocate to another country and see what happens to athletes who don’t show respect for their country’s flag and anthem.  North Korea comes to mind.  He’d be shot by anti-aircraft guns as Kim Jong Un makes an example of him.
He’s biracial.  I get it.He feels really bad about some recent events.  I get it.  But why dishonor all those who fought for his rights to protest?
I am reminded of Pat Tillman who gave up a promising and financially rewarding NFL career to serve his country.  And he paid for his patriotism with his life in Afghanistan while serving as an Army Ranger.  Hey Colin, ya wanna make a statement?  Enlist in the military.  Find out what it’s all about.  Why don’t you enlist?  I’ll tell ya why.  Because you don’t want to give up your millions, and more importantly you don’t have the cajones to serve.  I don’t care how big your tattooed biceps are, you are a punk piece of trash.
Oh, in case you are wondering: US Army, SSG, 1964-1968 including Vietnam 67-68.