Friday, October 07, 2016

I'm A Bully --- And Fathers Are A Protected Class

Had an interesting thing happen to me last Sunday.

While standing in the parking lot of a grocery store a woman came up to me and accused me of being a bully because I have attacked Councilmember Jeff Vaught.  She asked why and I replied that as long as I disagreed with things he has said or done, that I would voice my opinions.  He is an elected official and his actions are subject to public scrutiny.  She seemed to think that he was in a protected class as she repeated that I should remember "he is a father". Well so am I.  She was informed that as long as he continued to say and/or do things that I disagreed with, I would continue to voice my opinion.  Her response...."...that is what I thought you would say because that is the type of person you are."

I believe this lady probably needs a remedial lesson in civics 101.  No elected official is exempt from criticism based on their parental status.  But maybe she doesn't read newspapers, watch TV news and/or documentaries, or see political commercials.

Many consider what I do a service, since many Shawnee residents don't attend council or council committee meetings.  As a matter of fact I wonder,  has this lady ever attended a council meeting?  Or maybe multiple meetings?  If she did, she would have seen Vaught on many occasions belittle members of the public and even his fellow council members.  And as for bullying, well, he has a history of attempting to bully (not just convince) members of the council to agree with his viewpoint.
He casts aspersions starting with his signature statement of how he can't understand how folks can't agree with him.

Oh well, such is life.