Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Winter is Coming - Will Your Car Get Stolen?

Hmmmm, what does winter have to do with stolen vehicles?  That's easy.  People have a tendency to start their vehicles and leave them running unattended.  Golly gee willikers, that is an open invitation to have the vehicle stolen.  And yes, even if you lock the car because you have a spare set of keys, a thief can see the keys in the ignition, bust out a back window (doesn't want glass on the seat) unlock the door and take off.

Location doesn't matter.  Cars left running and unattended have been stolen from private driveways, parking lots of apartment complexes, shopping centers and from right in front of a convenience store.

As a matter of fact it is against the law to leave a car running with the key in it and unattended.  The only exception being those vehicles with remote starting devices (no keys in the ignition and steering wheel and shift lever are locked up).  Need proof of this.............. please click here