Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Popular Vote vs Electoral College - A Different Perspective

There is a bunch of whining going on about how Clinton got the popular vote, and folks being upset that Trump got the electoral college vote.  And then there is a movement that folks want electors to change their votes.  Wild.

Let's look at this:

Clinton popular vote 61,047,207
Trump popular vote 60,375,961

Now, let's look at the California popular vote

Clinton  5,589,936
Trump   3,021,095

Subtracting California you get

Clinton   55,457,271
Trump    57,354,866

A little different, eh?

The electoral college was put in place so as to prevent large states (or centralized populations)  from controlling a national election.  But of course, the California liberals would like to control everything.

If you look at the map, Trump was way ahead in the number of states (and counties).  Pushing to have the electors counteract that is a bunch of nonsense.