Monday, November 07, 2016

Vote Tomorrow Tuesday Nov 8, 2016

I sure hope that the citizens of Shawnee break their apathetic trend and vote tomorrow.

Historically, the folks here in Shawnee show a very poor turn out for city elections, a little better when it's a governor's race, and somewhat better when it is a presidential race.

Here are the figures for the last 2 presidential races:

2012   72.54%      42344 Registered   30718 voted  (approx. 12000 did not vote)
2008   79.10%      40791 Registered   32266 voted  (approx. 8500 did not vote)

That's a lot of folks not exercising their rights. 
There are still countries in the world where folks don't have that right.

Please, vote tomorrow (unless of course you already used early voting.............we don't want to be like Chicago )