Friday, September 22, 2017

Lindsey Constance Borderline Hypocrisy

Wow, some of her statements on her Facebook page are amazing.  She's upset that her challenger, Tony Noble is bringing up party affiliation.  She's crying unfair because city council positions are supposed to be non-partisan. 

The positions are non-partisan (we have had Rs run against Rs and Ds run against Ds) but a person's party affiliation is usually a strong indicator of their philosophical background and how they would perform as a member of the council.  So, apparently she doesn't like the fact that her D background is being made an issue.  All she can do is come up with generic Kumbayah statements for her position.  You know, the feel good statements that D's are famous for.

Now you ask where is the hypocrisy?  It's on her election financial statements.  Is she going to return the contribution made by the JoCo Democratic Party?  I seriously doubt it.

Voters of Ward 4 in Shawnee would be, IMHO, smart to reject her candidacy.  Hey, that's me!!!!  I'm a Ward 4 voter.  Lindsey Constance..........I reject you.