Wednesday, March 14, 2018

More Proof That Lindsey Constance Is Full Of It

If one scrolls down and reads the previous posts regarding Lindsey Constance's failure to vote in local elections and her bovine scatological reasons for not doing so you will chuckle when you read this.

She did vote in Presidential and Gubernatorial elections but not local (mayor/council or school board). 

Anyway, I wanted to verify the procedures for advance and/or absentee voting.  As such I contacted JoCo Election and got two different replies.  they are listed here:

Ray, advance Voting began in the Fall of 1996.  The Kansas Election Standards states that the law for “no-excuse absentee” voting was adopted in 1995 (KSA 25-1119).
Then this:
Ray, to clarify further, advance voting in our office began in August 1996.  In August 2002,  was the first time that voting machines were used to collect in-person advance votes at three early voting locations.  Advance voting by mail began in August 1996.
What is interesting is the term "no excuse absentee" voting.......initially a person had to usually have a medical condition to vote by absentee mail ballot.  That changed over 20 years ago and anybody could apply for an absentee ballot.  The only difference is if you don't have a disability that stops you from getting to the polls you have to apply at each election (that's how I do it).
Anyway, she is definitely full of it................