Sunday, March 25, 2018

Tobacco 21 Gets Snuffed in Topeka

Looks like The City OF Topeka will not be able to enforce their 21 age restriction on the purchase of tobacco products.

In an AP article that appeared in the Shawnee Dispatch a Shawnee County District Judge slapped a permanent injunction against the city from enforcing their age 21 restriction.

Let's hope other cities that have passed this type of local legislation gets reversed by the courts.  Or, maybe they would like to save themselves the time and money of a court battle and just revoke their misguided attempts at nanny government.

This item was mentioned at a council committee meeting earlier this month and got tabled until May 2018.  Hopefully it will die there.  Unfortunately we do have some nanny government representatives on the city council.

Mickey Sandifer (Ward IV) comes to mind.  I had a phone conversation with him about this.  Apparently he is in favor of restricting the smoking age to folks over 21.  My comment was that individuals were old enough at 18 to protect his tail end.  His response was that military folks would be exempt.  That didn't make sense.  So when I pushed, he said he had called and it would not affect military members under 21 from purchasing at the commissary.  Duhhhh.  The commissary isn't even in Shawnee.  But if passed they still couldn't buy in Shawnee.  He sure tried to Tijuana two step around this one.  Anyway if Shawnee is smart they will not pursue this item.

The nanny government liberals associated with Tobacco 21 are out of line, IMHO.