Sunday, April 01, 2018

Teachers Need to Teach.........Not Brainwash

Here are three examples (there are more) of teachers attempting to brainwash students with their own political views.  And, they are getting at these students at a young age.

I sincerely hope that there is none of this going on in the three local school districts, Shawnee Mission, Desoto and Blue Valley.

If I hear of anything like this happening  in our districts I make a promise to go after that teacher's license.  When I was that young teachers taught us to think, not do the thinking (brainwashing) for us.

Here's one item

And here is another one

And yet another one

And we cannot forget the teacher on the west coast who made derisive comments about our military saying they were the "lowest of the low".

Parents of school children, please monitor what the teachers are doing.  Even if you agree with their politics, the classroom is NOT the place to inculcate young minds with prejudicial thoughts.