Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The NFL and The National Anthem

Most folks have probably heard that the NFL will now fine teams if they have players/coaches on the field and those folks don't stand for The National Anthem.

There are those who say that that action violates the Constitutional right to free speech.  Man, if anybody believes in free speech it is me.  Just read this blog.  What the Constitution does not do is that it does not establish venues or who has to supply the venue.

Now, let's look at the NFL football games.  They are played in these massive stadiums, with exposure to thousands of spectators.  But, what are these stadiums?  They are places of employment.  That's right, they are places where these overpaid athletes get to display their skills.  But, they are still places of employment.

Now, most businesses have rules and regulations about what is considered proper workplace activity.  Most have policies against political activities on the job.  This is the employer's right.  Do you work for a manufacturing company?  What would happen if folks started engaging in political activities on the job?  How about a hospital?  How about a car dealership?  How about a government office?  I could go on and on and on and on.

So, why should NFL players be any different?  Hey dummies, that is your work place and the owners have that right to not want political discussions at the workplace.

Now let's also look at what started this.  A well known player decided to use the "taking of a knee" to protest what he perceived to be police brutality (including killing) of black persons (especially males).  Are some officers guilty of this.  No doubt.  But, who in this country is responsible for a very high majority of the killing of black males?  Answer:  Other black males.  This past weekend 8 folks were killed and 25 injured in shootings in Chicago.  Maybe that football player needs to change his approach.  Maybe he needs to concentrate more on creating programs to instill a sense of respect by black males for other black males.  A few years ago, right after the situation in Ferguson a black father who had lost a young child (3 or 4 I believe) to a random shooting said he didn't want to hear anymore about Black Lives Matter.  He said the community didn't have to worry about police killing young black males since they were doing the job themselves. It was a TV interview in the KC area.

Now if these folks want to protest what they perceive as a problem, fine.  That is their right.  Just not at the workplace.  There are plenty of public spaces where they can gather to voice their opinions.  And, with the internet, plenty of places to disseminate their thoughts.