Monday, June 04, 2018

Kris Kobach's Old Shawnee Days Controversy

For those that haven't seen it, it is all over the media, including national news outlets.

Here is my letter to the city council of Shawnee regarding their apology for Mr. Kobach's entry in the parade:


So that there is no question of what my stance is on the issue concerning Mr. Kobach’s participation in the OSD parade, here is a copy|paste of my comment on the Shawnee Dispatch’s FB page:

“I found Mr. Kobach's vehicle to be keeping with his patriotic stance on our Constitution and specifically our 2nd Amendment rights. I am appalled that a group ,Mothers Demand Action financed by Michael Bloomberg was handing out their anti-American propaganda. Will the city apologize for that?”

Here is a comment from Ms. Breithaupt on the WDAF web site:

“What happened yesterday was clear that we probably need some set guidelines, so moving forward we have kind of a set of rules to say this is what’s okay, and this is what’s not.”

Now, let’s address my comment above first:  When will the city issue an apology to me and those who were offended by the Mothers Demand Action utilizing the parade to disseminate their anti-American propaganda?  Failure to apologize to us would be an obvious “side taking” by the staff personnel that prepared the initial apology.

Second, with regards to the “guidelines” who will establish those?  Who will be a watch dog over the rule makers?
Will post any replies I receive.