Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Illegal Immigration and Family Separations

Illegal immigration and the question of separating families is really getting outrageous.

Let's say a 40 or so year old father goes into a convenience store with his 15 year old son. They both have weapons and rob the place. Later on they are both apprehended. What happens? The father goes to an adult detention center and the son goes to a juvenile detention center. We don't keep them together. So, why should folks who illegally cross our border be treated any differently?

How many of the families are really families? How many folks use somebody else's children as props? How many of the juveniles in detention came in on their own? Without adults? How many of the juveniles are not really juveniles?

What about the benefits that illegal immigrants get? Food stamps, housing, medical etc etc. Because we in the USA overall are compassionate. Hey, I have no problem with helping folks who truly need help. By the same token, if you want to come here, there is a legal way to do it.

But again, if we really want to help folks in need what about the tens of thousands of homeless vets? Many suffering with physiological and/or mental issues as a result of their service. Their service that was given to preserve our way of life, Their service given to protect the asses of those who apparently would rather provide giveaways to criminals. Yes criminals. If you enter illegally you are a criminal. And what about the felons who come in? The gang members? The mules transporting narcotics?
What about the families that have been separated from their loved ones because an illegal took the life of a loved one? Like the 27 year old who was killed by an illegal immigrant who had previously been deported and snuck back in?

Oh, yes, let's not forget how children were separated under the previous president...........hmmmm double standard hypocrisy here.