Monday, July 16, 2018

Jenkins vs Gordon - Republican Primary Aug 7, 2018 Rep Dist 18

On Aug 7, 2018 Republican voters in State Rep District 18 will be asked to choose between Eric Jenkins and Cathy Gordon to challenge the winner of the Democratic primary.

Eric Jenkins has spent his whole adult life in service to his community and to his country.

He is a retired, decorated US Army Colonel, having served both on active duty and in the reserves.  And, after his retirement, his services and experience were needed and he was brought out of retirement to again serve his country.

As a manager for FEMA he served at many disaster sites as the Federal Coordinating Officer.  This made him the top person in charge, responsible for all aspects (including full fiscal approval and disbursement authority) of rebuilding various communities.  As such he had to become familiar with all areas of community functions, from public safety to recreation, from education to health and welfare.

Locally, he has served on the City of Shawnee's Planning Commission and currently is serving on the City Council. 

This man is very well qualified to represent the citizens of Shawnee in the state legislature. 

Republicans are urged to give him victory in the primary August 7th and then support him to win the general election in November.

For additional info about Eric you may visit his web site at