Thursday, July 05, 2018

Who Is Really Acting Like the Nazis in America?

Let's look at some of the things that the Antifa and other super left wing groups have and are doing.

If you do not agree with them do not even attempt to speak especially at a college campus on the west coast.  Only left wing whackos and Antifa can speak.  The give lip service to the First Amendment (but with a caveat that it only applies if you agree with them).  Certain of these whacky folks feel so hurt that individuals cannot walk into restaurants, coffee shops etc wearing Trump memorabilia.

Hey, I'm depressed every time I think of how Obama stuck it to us with the billions he gave the Iranians.  I'm depressed every time I think of HRC selling out our people in Benghazi.  But I won't commit violent acts and use that depression as an excuse.

They create violent situations, starting with the day that President Trump was inaugurated.  You have folks being physically attacked for wearing their MAGA hats, T-Shirts etc.  You have associates of the President being accosted while out with their families.  You have vile things being said about the members of the President's family.  Can you imagine what would have happened if somebody had said those things about Michelle Obama?  Whooops, that person would have been branded a racist.  What happened if you disagreed with #44.  You would have been branded a racist even if you legitimately disagreed with a policy on the policy's face value.

You have people who have called for the impeachment of #45 the day after the election.  He hadn't even been sworn in yet?  Don't these idiots know the law.

You have idiots who will not give Trump credit for many of the things that he has accomplished.  How about the tax credits that dummy Pelosi things are crumbs?  Let's talk about North Korea.  Sixty-five years ago a cease fire was declared, but hostilities were never terminated.  The first step to establishing an end to hostilities is to sit down and talk.  Nothing can ever happen if that doesn't take place.  So, Trump sits down, the first time in 65 years and the whacky left wingers can do nothing but complain.  Ninety US Senators signed a non-binding resolution saying that we should move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.  Then when Trump does it, every democrat that signed that resolution complained that he did it.  Including Feinstein of California.  Guess she and the other Dems probably thought by signing that resolution it would make them look good and they felt safe that nobody would do it.  How do you spell hypocrisy?

Now, for the history buffs out there.  Grab a good valid historical reference.  Read what the Sturmabteilung (SA- aka Brownshirts) did from the mid 1920s to the mid 1930s in Germany.  You'd almost have to be blind not to see the similarities between that organization and the  Antifa movement and the whacky left wing liberals.