Thursday, September 13, 2018

Justin Adrian's Letter of Resignation

Below is a copy of the letter of resignation submitted by former councilmember Justin Adrian.  According to the Shawnee Dispatch he is on administrative leave from the Olathe School District.  Is he or is he not under investigation by the Olathe PD?

The question needs to be asked again.  Why did he resign?  Did he do something that would bring disgrace to himself?  The city?  The Olathe School District?
Sidebar:  It doesn't mean much, but it does show that Adrian, does not understand government protocols.  And he's a history teacher.  Ha!!  The letter should have been addressed to the Mayor as the titular head of the city and the head of the governing body.  The city manager, as an employee of the city, subordinate to the governing body, should have been listed last.