Thursday, September 13, 2018

Justin Adrian Lied to the Voters

Yesterday, after only serving eight months of a four year term, Justin Adrian resigned from the Shawnee City Council representing Ward 3.  It is my understanding that he gave no reason for his resignation which was effective immediately.

So, why do I say he lied to the voters.  That's easy.
He said if elected he would serve them on the council.  He lied.  He quit.
They believed him, so they elected him.  He lied.  He quit.
He broke his contract with the voters, with no explanation.
He owes the voters of Ward 3 an explanation as to why he quit on them.
He owes the folks who got out and helped with his campaign an explanation as to why he quit.
He owes the folks who contributed to his campaign to cover the costs an explanation as to why he quit.

So, let's hear it from the quitter.  Justin Adrian issue a statement as to why you let all of these folks down.  Why did you resign?