Sunday, December 02, 2018

One Down.....Four To Go

If you read my previous post then you are aware that I sent a letter to the editor of the Shawnee Dispatch concerning how certain (five) council members appeared to be ignoring my question.

At that time I was not aware that the dispatch was going to go belly up.  As it turns out, the letter made it to their web site and Facebook page.  And now those are also gone.

One of the councilmembers, Lindsey Constance has subsequently responded.  I said any responses would be published here. I am waiting to see if the other four respond before publishing hers.  Not interested in the other four playing copy cat or performing plagiarism.

So what do I do about the remaining four who apparently think they are above responding to citizen inquiries?  Awful arrogant of them.  Let's see, who are they?  Jim Neighbor and Matt Zimmerman from Ward I, Stephanie Meyer from Ward III and Mickey Sandifer from Ward IV.

Do I contact the KC Star?  Nahhhh, they probably wouldn't be interested.  How about the local TV stations?  Nahhh, they would probably be like the Star.  How about the Shawnee Mission Post?  Not sure if they have made enough of an inroad into Shawnee readership yet.  So, again, how do I let the citizens of Shawnee know that they have five councilmembers who feel that they are above answering inquiries?

I know.  I've got it.  By George I think I've got it.  At each council meeting there is a subject called 'Business from the floor'.  This is for residents to bring up any item that is not on the agenda.  Lack of replies to citizen inquiries would fall into that category.  So, I can bring up a copy of my letter to the editor and put it on the overhead projector.  I can then put up Ms. Constance's reply and indicate that the other four have failed to respond.  Beautiful.  Then the matter would be a permanent part of the minutes of the meeting. Including adding copies of those documents to the minutes. Perfect for citizens to research and see.  I could also put up a copy of Section 3 of the Bill of Rights of the State of Kansas Constitution.  Sometimes arrogant councilmembers need to be reminded.

Now at which council meeting should I bring it up?  Time will tell.  There usually are two a month.