Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Stephanie Meyer - Speaks Both Ways

Unfortunately I was not at the 10/22/18 city council meeting.  I was attending the Citizen’s Fire Academy. But, I do have eyes and have read the minutes of that meeting.

There was an item on the agenda which concerned spending funds for some of the preliminary work for the proposed community center.  Councilmember Stephanie Meyer went on a diatribe about how the city was spending funds for public safety, infrastructure, and other items and the city should be looking forward to spending money on and putting in this new community center.

She inferred how she was in favor of increasing PD staffing and the new Fire Station when those items originally came up.  What she didn’t tell folks was that when the question of funding came up she voted against it.  Yep, she voted against a mill levy increase for public safety to pay for the additional officers and firemen, the station, and truck but wants to push for a Taj Mahal type structure for the west side.  This gives Meyer the ability to pander to folks on both sides of the question.  Does she think that there are folks that don’t see her duplicity for what it is? That her 'support' is only political and not practical? Those items she 'voted' for could not have been in the budget to vote on without the funding.

She supports a mill levy increase for an amenity but not for public safety. So, if she mouths off about being in favor of public safety projects but doesn’t vote to support them financially, I would strongly recommend that the next time she wants to talk out of both sides of her mouth that she go to Cabela’s and purchase some hip waders for those sitting in the audience. Especially since Fire Station 74 is for Ward III and that area of town was seeing unreasonable response times for emergency calls (fire and health).

BTW, there are still many, many areas of Shawnee that need infrastructure upgrades to include streets, sidewalks, storm sewers etc. that all this community center money could be better spent on.