Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Stephanie Meyer - Talks From Both Sides of Her Mouth

Well it looks like I missed some fun and games at city hall Monday night.  Not gonna get into much of what was said.  I do want to discuss procedures.

Seems like some citizens had a few things to say and then Councilmember Mickey Sandifer decided to wait until "Miscellaneous Council Items" to get real down and dirty with a member of the public.  Based on eyewitness accounts and audio files this is basically what happened next.

A citizen got up to rebut what he was saying.  Stephanie Meyer and Mickey Sandifer shouted out you can't do that it is not allowed.  City manager Nolan Sunderman whispered into the mayor's ear with what was probably an interpretation of the council procedures and the mayor said that the citizen couldn't say anything.  It was not allowed.  Former Councilmember Jeff Vaught yelled out to that citizen to sit down and that it was not allowed for them to speak during that part of the meeting.

Well, that was bad information.  On Oct 26, 2015 Policy Statement 7 was modified in Section IV(D)(2) to give citizens the right to speak during miscellaneous council items.  And if anybody is interested the Shawnee Dispatch had a nice article about that change and it is still available on line at

What is really interesting is Stephanie Meyer's quote in the above referenced article.  "Anytime we can increase public participation at meetings, I'm for it."  Looks like she became a little two faced on that subject.  Guess citizen participation is only good if she feels the same as they do.  And this individual, who apparently now wants to restrict citizen input after saying how great it was, wants to be mayor of our city.  Which side of her mouth will she be talking from tomorrow?  She'll say just about anything to get elected. 

Now as for Vaught.....what gives him the right to tell another citizen to sit down?  What gives him the right to say it is not allowed for them to speak at that time?  Go back to various on line articles and previous meetings before Oct 26, 2015.  Jeff The Bully Vaught was the major impetus for getting that part of the policy statement changed.  He had a nasty habit of using Miscellaneous Council items to say some negative things about citizens and they couldn't, until the change, rebut what he said.

As for the City Manager, Nolan Sunderman, if he did in fact advise the mayor that citizen input was not allowed at that time he was way off base.