Sunday, June 09, 2019

We Steal a Good One From Lenexa

I think it has finally happened.  Last week Hayward's Pit BBQ relocated to 10901 W. 75th St in Shawnee (two blocks east of Nieman).  That is the building that has seen a revolving door effect with restaurants.

Well, it looks like we finally have a winner in that building.  Went there Friday night.  Wait time was about 45 minutes.  They were jammed.  Parking lot was full.  Fantastic.  Friend of mine told me that parking lot was also jammed at lunch.

Enjoyed dinner.  Food was good.  Wait staff was friendly, upbeat and checked back which, considering how crowded they were could have  taken a hit.  Kudos to the wait staff.  Kudos to the kitchen staff. 

Even with all the previous owners it had been a long time since the interior was remodeled.  It finally happened now. 

Looks like we finally have a keeper at that location.