Monday, July 22, 2019

The Irrelevant Arrogant One

I have received various text messages from individuals on the west side of town.

Apparently his royal arrogance (Jeff Vaught) is causing quite a stir on Next Door.  He even went so far as to single out other folks' association with me.  Gotta love it.

OK, I can’t post on the west side Next Door but I can supply info  below for anyone who chooses to use it

Let’s look at his royal arrogance (Jeff Vaught).  The first thing we will mention is that he is NOT a fan of transparency in government.  That can be verified from when the council, with his prodding changed the method of delivering council minutes from full to summary.  Only problem with that is that the former city manager chose to ignore the written directive of the council and gave the city action minutes.  Those are even more abbreviated.  Long story short, the council voted to bring back full minutes, with no help from Mr. I Know Everything.

He constantly belittled other council members and members of the public.  One of his favorite comments is “I don’t remember seeing you at any council meetings”.  That is how he attempts to shut down critics.  What a jacka$$  Very few folks go to these meetings (personally I wish more did).  But, they can listen to the audio and read the minutes

So, what happens?  He runs for mayor in 2015.  There was a 4 person primary.  He didn’t make it out of the primary (only the top 2 do)

What was the final result of the mayoral primary/

Michelle Distler   28.08%
Dan Pflumm         30.40%
John Segale          18.32%
Jeff Vaught          23.19%

More telling is how did the mayoral primary vote go in Ward 3?  The ward he represented on the council.
Michelle Distler  26.29%
Dan Pflumm         24.80%
John Segale          16.65%
Jeff Vaught          32.26%

Translation……….67.74%  (2/3) of the Ward 3 voters said they wanted anybody but Jeff Vaught as their mayor.  Apparently they learned their lesson from having him represent them on the council.

But, Vaught still thought he was relevant.  Not realizing that after winning his first term and then one reelection to the council , that the voters in Ward 3 were getting tired of his bombastic bullying buffoonery which combined to create a highly arrogant atmosphere about him.  And it created a toxic atmosphere on the council.

So, in 2017 there was a three way primary for council in Ward 3.
What happened?

Justin Adrian  38.94%
Dave Myres   39.82%
Jeff Vaught    21.24%

So now the voters of Ward 3 (78.76%, roughly 8 out of 10) made it real clear that they did not want an arrogant buffoon to represent them on the council.

And yet, he still thinks that what he says about city elections has relevancy.  It does not.  Witness his strong comments of being in favor of the proposed  Shawnee Community Center.  His bullying approach and inability to read the electorate was almost laughable.  And, like Hillary Clinton, he apparently cannot accept defeat.  He has come up with more excuses as to why the measure was defeated.  Instead of looking to see what was wrong with the plan he’d rather blame the folks who put out the effort to get the truth about the project in front of the voters.  Such arrogance.

Again, he hasn’t learned that his commentary is irrelevant.  Or maybe it is reverse relevant?  Maybe it makes folks go the opposite way of his stand on an item?  Hmmmm, remember, he supports Stephanie Meyer for mayor and Nick Reed for Ward 3 council rep.