Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Why Does Stephanie Meyer Lie About Menard's?

Unbeknownst to me that it would happen, another member of the community addressed the council this past Monday regarding Stephanie Meyer's misrepresentation of why Menard's did not build in Shawnee.  Instead Menard's went to KCK.

I was already looking into this because at the recent mayoral candidate's forum Stephanie Meyer stated that Menard's didn't build here because a city engineer couldn't go out to the site when they wanted him.  Sounds to me like a slap in the face to staff.  Ironically she jumps on anybody who says anything that could be construed as a negative about staff.  Do I see a little two faced action on her part?

Anyway, at one of the "Third Thursdays With the Mayor" former City Manager Gonzales had stated when asked that Menard's was not building in Shawnee because utilities were not available at the location.

An inquiry to the current city manager did produce the following:

I am in a little bit of a difficult spot to speculate on the conversation between Carol and Menard's representatives as well as a conversation Stephanie may have had with Menard's representatives.  However, the information that was shared at Third Thursday's is what I am aware of in regards to the Kansas City, Kansas location being more "shovel-ready" in regards to a quicker project.  I believe sewer access was a concern-

So, KCK had land that was more shovel ready.  Hmmmm, yet it is my understanding that Meyer still is telling folks the "engineer" story.  Stephanie Meyer, a natural born liar, IMHO. 

Stay tuned for more on her phoniness.

Side bar question:  City Managers are not supposed to get involved in the political process.  But, why hasn't the current city manager defended his staff against Ms. Meyer's comment.