Wednesday, February 26, 2020

And The Deception Continues

On January 12th I posted an item about the deception of the developer for the Westbrooke Green project.  In that post was an image of the sign placed at the entrance to the development (there are two of these signs).  It was noted that the developer is still using an image from the December 2017 plans for the development and not from the scaled back version of December 2019. 

To me, showing an image of a project that will not be done is deceptive.  There is a big difference from what the city was told in 2017 to what has been chopped up in 2019. 

I also was critical of Council Member Larson-Bunnell for voting for the current project.  In one of her replies to me she indicated that she had not been on the council in 2017.  Duhhhhhh, she could have researched the info to see the big differences.  Oh well, so much for common sense, or lack thereof.

Now, let's talk about certain council members.  The aforementioned Larson-Bunnell, Zimmerman and Constance.  These three are what is left of the group that voted for the severely reduced project.  This project stinks.  The developer is getting a load of incentives to include the fact that the city is giving up its 1% sales tax at that location.  When will the city ever see any financial benefits from this project?   What will it cost the city in services because of this project?

These three council members are all up for reelection in 2021.  Actually about 1-1/2 years from now if there are any primaries.  These three were also supporters of the boondoggle known as the community center.  You know the one.  The one where they thought it was a good idea to blow $54 million on a project and have the citizens of Shawnee foot the bill in higher property taxes and user fees.  Amazing isn't it?  Hit the citizens up for money for a boondoggle and then have no qualms about giving up incentives to a developer who has deceived the city.

These three need to be defeated at the next election should they be dumb enough to run.  As for Constance, she wants to be a state senator and has filed for the election this year which is only nine months away.  Her actions on the city council indicate that she could care less about Shawnee and its citizens.  She would be a disaster as this city's representative in the state senate.