Saturday, February 01, 2020

Is Lisa Larson-Bunnell the "Mystery" Councilwoman?

Please see my blog post right before this one.

Is Lisa Larson-Bunnell the "mystery" councilwoman mentioned in the lawsuit filed by Austin Homes?  Even though she denied it to a member of the community just prior to the council meeting of 1/27/20?

Remember this info from the lawsuit: 

"(b) The prejudgment of the matter by another councilmember, who wrongfully and inappropriately (i)offered to assist the owners of neighboring properties in preparing the protest petition before the Application had been heard by the Planning Commission; (ii) attend the Planning Commission to publicly show her support of those in opposition; (iii) made statements in social media about her position on the development before it reached the City Council for hearing, and (iv) read from a script at the December 9, 2019 City Council meeting, prepared before the evidence and testimony had been received."

OK, this is from the minutes of the 12/9/19 city council meeting: 

"COUNCILMEMBER LARSON-BUNNELL: All right. Thank you. I did create some prepared comments for this evening."

She then proceeded to read her prepared commentary.  Basically in line with item iv above.  We know she was at the planning commission meeting..............her social media site had numerous comments about the project, including the fact that she did attend the planning commission meeting. 

 Did she assist the citizens in the preparation of the protest petition?  Basically, is she the unnamed councilmember, "her" listed in the lawsuit?  Was she truthful with the citizen who inquired prior to the 1/27/20 meeting as to whether or not it was her?

Time will tell.  I will be very interested in reading any pre trial depositions that become part of the record of the lawsuit.

This will get interesting.