Thursday, March 08, 2007

This Explains It..........

Now I know why I don't particularly like this Kevin Straub. He wants to force his views down everybody else's throat.

On 2/20/07 the KC Star published biographical information and answers to its questions to the candidates for the DeSoto USD 232 school board.

Below is question 10 and Mr Straub's reply:

10. Should intelligent design be taught in the public schools? If so, in what context or class?

I believe evolution and intelligent design should be taught as a theory. I believe the founding fathers of our country wrote the United States Constitution so that we can have "freedom of religion" not "freedom from religion."

I think Mr Straub needs to take Civics 101 over. Let's clue him in.............."freedom of religion" also means "freedom from religion". Nobody has the right to shove their religious beliefs down anyone else's throat.

My sincere sympathies to the folks in USD 232 if this guy gets on their board