Thursday, March 08, 2007

To Smoke Or Not To Smoke

The City of Shawnee Council's Finance and Administration Committee met this past Tuesday evening 3/6/07.

One of the items on the agenda was a discussion of what to do about a new smoking ordinance.

The final result was the committee recommending a Task Force be appointed to assist in a possible resolution.

I'm getting to enjoy these meetings, and listening to some of the trash that emanates from the mouths of certain individuals. It is an education.

Kevin Straub, 3d Ward councilmember came up with an item that he has mentioned before. It has to do with folks in offices and how non-smokers should not have to put up with the drift of smoke coming from a smoker's cubicle. This guy is a cute piece of work. Bringing up meaningless items, just to hear himself speak, and to make it appear that he cares.

Yours truly took to the podium and had to explain to Mr Straub, that even without an ordinance, businesses today have worked out plans in their offices to eliminate the very problem that Mr Straub wants to codify. These businesses have to do it on their own, so as to retain qualified personnel, to maintain a positive work environment, and to promote positive employee morale.

I challenge this individual to find one office type business in Shawnee that has not created a smoking policy on its own so as not to create the problem he is concerned about. His rhetoric sounds good, but, IMHO it is pure bovine scatology.

Allow the consumer to tell restaurants and bars what to do by what does or does not happen at the cash register.