Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lenexa Succumbs

On Friday I returned from a wonderful vacation to Sault Ste Marie, Michigan where I spent time with my sons and grandsons. What a great time.

Then I come home and find out that the city council of Lenexa voted to go smoke free. Wow, how much notice did they give the community that this was going to be on the agenda? Or did someone on the council pull a Pfrick and Pfrack like some Shawnee councilmen tried?

Anyway, according to this article: the vote was 7-1. It appears that the one negative vote was from a councilman who actually favored the ordinance but wanted an exemption for private businesses. Apparently he didn't get it.

Nanny government at its worst.

If these folks were so concerned about people's health they would have embraced an idea that I presented to the Shawnee City Council regarding pollution from trucks and SUVs.

Apparently a person by the name of Joyce Morrison from Clean Air Kansas was ecstatic. But a question for Ms Morrison: What about it lady? Are you going to go after SUVs and trucks? Are you going to push for Air Pollution Permits for folks that drive these emission spewing monstrosities? How many people have died from the garbage that is in the air? How many folks have contracted pulmonary diseases and/or cardiovascular problems because of air pollution?

Of course these hypocrites won't do anything like that. They don't want to take on the auto industry or change their own personal lifestyles.