Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Failure of Common Sense

Well, the Shawnee Dispatch (actually, its editor) has gone and done it again. Yes, in an editorial entitled " A Failure of Leadership" (see at ) the editor of the paper (anonymously, because he loves to hide and not take credit for his work) spews forth with outright lies.

He takes issue with the recent smoking ban because as it turns out certain establishments will be exempt. Again, he gets on his moral high horse espousing concern for employees who are exposed to smoke in these establishments.

Hey, John Beal, get off your sedimentary posterior and go into these estanlishments. Yes, you and the holier than thou narrow minded fools and liars of the Shawnee Clean Air group.

Do you know what you will find in these establishments? You will find that they are old fashioned neighborhood bars. They are not family friendly restaurants. They are not what one would call high class upscale night clubs. Your supposed concern for the health of the employees is a bunch of BS. The people who work in these establishments smoke....just like the patrons. Is it possible that these employees don't want you meddling in their health or livelihood?

I'd bet a cup of coffee that neither you nor the Shawnee Clean Air hypocrites have ever even looked inside those establishments.

Oh, by the way, speaking of hypocrites. How come you didn't mention that when it was pointed out to one of the two council members who tried to pass the OP ordinance, that by doing so a portion of that ordinance could adversely affect certain activities of the Knights of Columbus he was quick to take that section out?

Also, show some intestinal fortitude and start signing your editorials.