Friday, October 19, 2007

Pflumm is Soooooooooo Wrong..............

Just read the draft minutes of the 10/8/07 city council meeting. That was the meeting in which I brought up the cell phone issue.

Councilmember Kuhn asked the staff to research the info. She also brought up some info on her own regarding teenagers and auto insurance.

Anyway, Dan Pflumm is recorded as saying........ "Councilmember Pflumm stated he thinks Mr. Erlichman and Councilmember Kuhn rehearsed this." It's also on the CD of the meeting.

That is sooooooooooo wrong. Ms Kuhn had absolutely no idea what I was going to speak about.

Now, if he wants to talk about "rehearsing" things.........well......he needs to listen to the CDs of the various meetings and listen to the interactions between himself and Kevin Straub. Who is the puppet and who is the puppet master?