Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Talkin' & Textin' while Drivin'....then add Recyclin'

Last night I proposed that the city council consider a local ordinance restricting the use of cell phones while driving. This is not a popular idea in Shawnee or Johnson County. Too many cell phone users, myself included.

So far only 17 states have passed restrictions and a handful of cities. But we need to take the initiative on this because of the various problems associated with cell phones and driving, particularly among our youth.

Wonder of wonders, Kevin Straub actually agreed with me. I asked the recording secretary to make a note of that. He and I agreeing on an issue is a miracle

Dan Pflumm on the other hand played the fool. Instead of agreeing with me (since he has so strongly expressed his concerns for people's health and welfare) he decided to question why I was proposing this, especially in view of my stand on the smoking ordinance. He appeared to want to debate the smoking ordinance again. He actually referred to it as "your ordinance".
If the guy had any guts and he did not like it, he could have voted against it, and given a qualifying statement (he didn't think it was strong enough) It would still have passed (6-2).
But he probably didn't want to give the impression he was in favor of allowing smoking. He did the politically expedient thing by voting for it, as it was, intead of standing by his principles.

Anyway, I digress, because the smoking ordinance was NOT the topic but apparently Pflumm wanted to try and make it the topic. Accidents, injuries and deaths are occurring. Something has to be done.

Now we move on to a later portion of the council meeting. Kevin Straub brings up the issue of recycling in the city parks. Basically he wanted the coucnil to go ahead and approve a recycling program, "tonight", without allowing staff the opportunity to research costs, procedures etc.
The motion was seconded by, guess who? That's right, Dan Pflumm. (Do we have verification that these two are not joined at the hip?) Anyway the vote was 6-2 against. Interesting though, is that all of the other members of the council appeared to be very much in favor of the concept. They just wanted the facts and figures relative to the cost. City money (taxpayer money) will be used. They want to know how much. They want to know if they have to reduce some other expenditures. Ya just don't rush willy nilly into any project.

Oh well, Pfrick and Pfrack at their normal levels of common sense.

Hey, I've got a recycling idea. How about if the voters in Wards I and III recycle their council members in 2010? Say bye bye to Pfrick & Pfrack ??