Saturday, June 09, 2012

Kuhn Avoids Direct, Simple Answers

Ward III Councilmember Dawn Kuhn is still avoiding some direct, simple answers to two very simple questions.

Scroll down to two posts on 5/31/12: 

1.  Is it Kuhn or is it White?
2.  Kuhn Responds..........Which Causes Me to Respond Back

Why is she avoiding direct responses to these two simple questions?  What is she hiding?

1.  Why is the city paying her as Dawn White (her council salary) but reimbursing her for expenses as Dawn Kuhn.  She says White is her maiden name.  Great.  But why is the city paying/reimbursing her under two different names?

2.  She says she is paid appropriately by her private employer.  That is avoiding the other question.  She is a Vice-President, Banking Center Manager for Bank Midwest.  Are they paying her as White, like the city?  Or are they paying her as Kuhn?  Keep in mind, as a bank VP she has to from time to time sign documents on behalf of the bank.  Would they pay her as White?  Or would they pay her as Kuhn (the name she uses as a VP)?  If her bank payroll is White that is the same as the city, but if Kuhn then that means she is getting paid salaries under two different names.  Then that would bring up the question:  Why?

Why would a person use multiple surnames for various forms of reimbursement?  Kinda makes ya wonder.

Unanswered questions do not disappear.