Friday, June 01, 2012

Why Did Morris Resign? Answer Given!

For more information behind Council Member David Morris' resignation see the article in the Shawnee Dispatch at

Apparently the impetus for his resignation was a problem with City Manager Carol Gonzales.

The article linked above goes into more detail, but I found this part of it to be telling:

Morris added that he and Gonzales had “butted heads” over his approach to constituent complaints for some time and that he had experienced ramifications.

“In the political arena, if you get put in the doghouse, answers don’t come particularly quickly, and sometimes phone calls don’t get returned particularly quickly,” he said.

Gonzales said she didn’t think it was appropriate to respond to Morris’ charges.

It would not surprise me if other council members, past and present, had gotten the "doghouse" treatment.

Read the article.  It could prove interesting.